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Travel Barcelona


The cheapest way to get to Barcelona may depend on the timing of your purchase and your place of departure. Generally, flying to Barcelona is often the fastest but might be the costliest. However, some budget flights to Barcelona are comparable or even cheaper as compared to getting to Barcelona by buses, trains or boats.

The city is well connected to the rest of the world through its Barcelona International Airport, Barcelona-Girona Airport and Barcelona Reus Airport.
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Through the main bus terminals of Barcelona at Estacio Del Nord and Estacio Del Sants Barcelona is connected to many European countries as well as Morocco.
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Spain's rail network is relatively cheap and depending on the type of trains taken, travel at different speeds. Through the train stations at Sants or Estacio de Franca, it is possible to travel to other European countries .
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You can travel to Barcelona via ferry which docks directly at the Ramblas. Destinations include Italian cities such as Genoa and the Balearic Islands.

Within Barcelona, it is very convenient to travel around using the subway or metro. Popular tourists destinations are all situated near subway stations.
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Alternatively, take the various buses running around the city which can also be paid by the T10 ticket. The buses may sometimes take a longer time to reach your destination depending on traffic conditions.

To visit most of the attactions in a short span of time, it is encouraged for visitors to purchase the Bus Turistic which brings visitors to most attractions.

Lastly, if you want to travel unlimited times on buses or subway around the city, consider buying the Barcelona Card which gives unlimited rides on the public transports around the city as well as discounts to various tourists attractions. Prices range from 26 Euros to 42 Euros and date validity ranges from 2 to 4 days.


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