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Maastricht City


About Maastricht

With a population of 120,000, Maastricht City is a busy vibrant city with lots of visitors pouring in from nearby countries such as Germany and Belgium. Maastricht is highly regarded as the most un-Netherlands like city in The Netherlands due to its cosmopolitan culture and location at south Limburg.


The City of Maastricht is very rich in history as it was under control by the Dutch, French and Germans at different periods of time. This was also the location of a former Roman city. Maastricht also lay claims to being the oldest city in Netherlands but the claims are being disputed. It was also here that the European Union treaty was signed.


The city is well connected to the rest of Europe through its nearby Maastricht Aachen Airport, Maastricht railway station as well as bus rides to other cities. It is also connected to other cities by A2 and the A79 motorways.

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The city is famous for shopping in the region. Most of the shops are located on Grote Staat and Kleine Staat. Famous brands and departmental stores have set up stores to cater to the demand for shopping. Shops are opened from 1 p.m. on mondays and 9 a.m. on tuesdays to saturdays. They close at 6 p.m. from mondays to saturdays except for thursdays where they close late at 9 p.m. Shops are also opened from 12 p.m. on the first sunday of every month.


Just like other cities in Europe, there are many musuems and monuments which provide good sight seeing opportunities for tourists in and around the city. Pay a visit to the famous Vrijthof City Center, old city walls and the Saint Servatius Bridge. For visitors looking to burn some time, venture to the nearby St. Pietersberg hill to explore the fort and caves. Go to the tourist information office or VVV located in the so-called Dinghuis, a 15th-century monumental building on the corner of the Grote Staat and Kleine Staat.

Universiteit Maastricht, one of Netherlands best universities is located a short distance from the city center. Due to this reason, the city have a large student population and also numerous pubs and legalised coffeeshops to cater to this youthful population.

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Festivals and Events

Carnival in Maastricht is a three day festival held in February

TEFAF or The European Fine Art Fair held in March

Bookfestival for lovers of books held in April

Preuvenemint - A cullinary event held in August

Winterland - A winterland fun fair held every winter

The Maastricht Exposition and Congress Centre or MECC holds various events throughout the year and is reachable by bus at the bus interchange.


Cost of living is generally in line with other Dutch cities with hotel accomodation slightly cheaper than Amsterdam.

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Dutch food together with cosmopolitan food from all around Europe is easily avaliable in the city of Maastricht. There are lots of cafes and small restaurants in the city center serving a variety of grills, pasta, fast food, etc. Expect to pay from 10 Euros and upwards for a meal.


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Photos Of Maastricht City


Maastricht, Netherlands

Beautiful Maastricht

The newest bridge in Maastricht above RIver Maas

Maastricht streets


Another church

Statue along the streets

Joy in Winterland


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