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Life In Europe


Life in Europe is slow, leisurely even to the point of non-chalent. The many small, artistic and funky cafes that litter along the streets all over Europe seem oblivious to the happenings of the rest of the world. The detachment from the real world makes Europe an ideal place for a getaway. Save for a few bustling cities in Europe, one can generally enjoy a slower pace of life in Europe.

Europeans are extremely proud of their culture and language. Be careful not to make any offending remarks about their culture as things might turn ugly from there. Instead, soak in the cultural hub of the world and try to learn and experience everything about their rich history, marvellous art, colorful language, uplifting music, well-preserved artifacts and impressive monuments.

Football or soccer is the national sport in Europe. It is very much part of everybody lives. During periods of major tournaments such as World Cup and European Cup, everybody will breathe and eat football in a way pretty reminiscent to how Americans treat basketball but only ten times more. Visit the famous football clubs and stadiums in Europe to find out more about them.

For the typical foreign tourist, take note of the costs involved for traveling in Europe. Cost of living is generally quite expensive with an average meal avaliable around 5 Euros to 25 Euros and three star hotel rooms in city locations going at 100 Euros. Short distance public transport on trains, trams or buses are readily avaliable costing less than 2 Euros. For long distance traveling, bus and train rides generally provide more value with prices 30 Euros and above. When booked early, budget carriers are cheaply avaliable from 20 Euros onwards (including taxes). The most exorbitant form of transport for long distance traveling is often the taxi which is seen as a premium service in most cities. Expect to pay up to three to ten times more as compared to public transport when taking the taxi. To save money, book your transportation and accomodation online as early as possible.


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