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Travelling in Europe requires precise planning. Depending on the period and destinations of time travel, experiences and prices can vary.

For the enthusiastic beach-goers, head down to the crowded beaches of southern Europe in summer. Temperatures average around the mid 20 degree celsius. Bring along your sunglasses and swimwear to protect yourself from the scorching sun and gawk at the beautiful bodies on the beach. For the typical tourists, summer is also to make your way around the various tourist attractions as the days are long and nights are short. Temperatures average about slightly less than 20 degree celsius on mainland Europe. However, prices for hotels and airfares are often much steeper than other seasons. Book early to enjoy better prices.

To truely enjoy your experience as a tourist, head down to Europe in Spring or Autumn where the tourist crowds disperse and the prices for hotels and airfares drop. It is still possible to enjoy the warm comforatble sunlight if you travel Europe in the period of April to May or September to October. Bring along light sweaters as some northern cities can get rather chilly. Temperatures usually hover around high single digit degree celsius to slightly less than 20 degree celsius depending on location and time. Hang around the many leisurely Europeans in cafes and restaurants as this is the best period for them to relax in the absence of tourists (other than you of course)

To grab the lowest prices for hotels and airfares, experience Europe in winter. Prices can be half of those seen in summer as tourist crowds dimmed out. Temperatures average in the single digit degree celsius. southern European countries such as Spain and Italy made excellent choices for travel due to their relatively higher temperatures. However, some shops and tourist attractions close early in winter so be sure to start your day early if you are visiting tourists attractions. Winter is also an excellent opportunity to renew your romance with skiing in the Alps. Last but not least, do visit the many christmas markets and various parties that spring up all over Europe in the holidays season.


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